• Image for CALL FOR PAPERS for Best Undergraduate Student Paper Awards (BUSPA)

    CALL FOR PAPERS for Best Undergraduate Student Paper Awards (BUSPA)

    Last updated: June 4, 2019, 1:05 p.m.

    The application for the prestigious Best Undergraduate Student Paper Award is now open! Deadline of submission is EXTENDED until June 7, 2019 (Friday).

    BUSPA is a yearly competition that aims to recognize students with outstanding research work in their Statistics courses.

    Here are some reminders for the application process:

    1. Graduating students, under the BS Statistics program whose paper has been passed as a requirement to any Stat course, are eligible to apply.

    2. Applicants are required to pass the following:

    a. Accomplished BUSPA Application Form (Forms are available at the Admin Office.)
    - Application forms must be endorsed by professors to whom you submitted the paper as a requirement of the course they are handling. If the professor is not able to sign your application form, they can still endorse you by informing the Director for Research via email or text.

    b. Printed Documents (Font: Times New Roman, 12, Line Spacing: 1.5)
    - Executive Summary of the Paper (The executive summary must include all parts of the paper whose contents are summarized and must be at most 5 pages.)
    - Full Paper

    3. You may submit the requirements to Ms. Nancy at the Stat Admin Office.