• Image for Classrooms


    Conducive for learning and class discussions, the UPSS classrooms, where lecture-type of classes are held, can be found at the third floor of the building. About 9 classrooms are being used currently.
  • Image for Computer Laboratories

    Computer Laboratories

    The Computer Laboratory is where the students attend their classes involving programming and software. Here, they carry out the analyses using software such as R, SAS, Stata, SPSS, among many others. Sometimes, these laboratories are also being used to conduct training programs as part of the extension services of the School. Currently, the School has 3 laboratory rooms.
  • Image for Library


    Containing a wide collection of informative and helpful books, the UPSS Library can be found on the second floor of the UP School of Statistics. More than the book services, the Library offers other helpful services through their Internet/Electronic Resources Station, Charging Station, Leisure Section, Reading Corner, etc. You may contact them at 8981-8500 local 3507 or at schoolofstat.library@gmail.com.
  • Image for Auditorium


    The UP School of Statistics Auditorium caters to many different events, campaigns, university and college meetings, and other activities of the University, the School, the offices in UP, the student organizations, and a lot more. It can be found in the 1st floor of the School as you enter the premises of the building.
  • Image for Lecture Halls

    Lecture Halls

    The Lecture Halls are multipurpose activity areas where activities such as talks, orientations, meetings, and so on are being held. The School maintain two lecture halls, one in each 1st and 2nd floor.
  • Image for Conference Room

    Conference Room

    The Conference Room is at the 1st floor of the School where various meetings or discussions are held by people both inside and outside the School.
  • Image for Simulation Laboratory

    Simulation Laboratory

    As an aid in the simulation studies done by the students, a Simulation Laboratory extends its services of free use of desktops, computers, and internet connection, and can be found at the 3rd floor of the School.
  • Image for Lobby


    The School lobby hosts numerous activities such as exhibit openings, displays, homecomings, class activities, student recruitment activities, and many more.
  • Image for Cafeteria/Canteen


    In cooperation with Food Nook, a cafeteria/canteen can be found in the 1st floor of the School, beside the student groups' tambayans. This serves meals, snacks, beverages, and treats from breakfast time until an early dinner.
  • Image for Veranda


    Mainly as a venue for a breather or relaxation, this part of the building is located at the 3rd floor of the building where a mini garden area can also be found.
  • Faculty & Alumni Lounge

    The Faculty & Alumni Lounge is a room which contains an area for leisure, meeting, or discussion. This is open for the faculty members where they can hold their small meetings, and for visiting alumni where they can stay while on their visit. The UP School of Statistics Alumni Association (UPSSAA) usually holds their meetings and planning here. This lounge can be found near the Library at the 2nd floor.
  • Wellness Room

    This Wellness Room is an active room dedicated towards the promotion of overall wellness for the faculty and staff of the School. This room, found at the 2nd floor, contains gym equipment, workout materials, and many more.