Working Papers


Coping Strategies to Disasters Caused by Natural Hazards (A Survey of Local Government Units DRRM Office) by Majah Leah V. Ravago , Claire Dennis Mapa, Jun Carlo Sunglao, and Angelie Grace Aycardo


Estimation of Semiparametric Mixed Analysis of Covariance Model by Virgelio M. Alao, Joseph Ryan G. Lansangan, Erniel B. Barrios
Employment Correlates of Multidimensional Poverty in the Philippines by Manuel Leonard F. Albis and Jessmond Elvina
High Fertility Rate and High Youth Unemployment: Twin Challenges to the Demographic Dividend for the Philippines by Dennis S. Mapa , Manuel Leonard F. Albis , Michael Dominic Del Mundo and John Carlo P. Daquis


Robust Estimation in Clustered Multiple Time Series with Structural Change by Erniel B. Barrios, Resi O. Olivares and Ma. Shiela R. Data
Robust Estimation of a Multilevel Model with Structural Change by Mary Jane Esmenda and Erniel B. Barrios
Robust Estimation of a Dynamic Spatio-temporal Model with Structural Change by Erniel B. Barrios, Stephen Jun V. Villejo and Joseph Ryan G. Lansangan