• UP School of Statistics Student Council

    The UPSSSC is a student body which caters the needs and represents the ideals of the students, maintains harmonious relationship within the School of Statistics and other sectors of the UP Community, and engenders a holistic and pro-active studentry that promotes appreciation in the field of Statistics by formulating and conducting coherent activities that foster camaraderie among the members of the community.
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  • UPSS Correlate

    The Correlate is the official volunteer corps of the UP School of Statistics Student Council wherein students are encouraged to sign up every semester. Once composed of 8 standing committees in which statistics majors may choose from, Correlate is now united into one strong group, dedicated to give without limitations while developing a volunteer's skills and talents and deepening their drive to serve.
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  • Career Assistance Program - Statistics (CAP-STAT)

    The purpose of Career Assistance Program - Statistics (CAP-STAT) is to guide the students in their career paths by providing helpful projects and activities for career assistance. CAPSTAT aims to expose Statistics majors to the business and corporate world while increasing the individual members' personal development to help them reach their full potential.
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  • UP Statistical Society

    The UP Statistical Society, established in 1981, is a well-renowned student organization in the University of the Philippines dedicated to promoting awareness and enhancing interest in the field of Statistics and aiding in its members intellectual and social development among the School of Statistics studentry and other sectors of the UP community.
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  • UP Variates, Inc.

    The UP Variates, Inc. is the duly-recognized socio-academic organization of the UP School of Statistics. Founded in September 8, 1989, the organization has been focused to support the academe and the national community, and has been active in serving the college, the university, and the society as a whole. In doing so, it has nurtured its members into well-rounded individuals that excel in the academics and geared to render service to the community.
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